Chopra Teaching Center offers individual educational programs allowing each student a unique opportunity to practice independent learning strategies in English literacy. These English-language curriculum exercises strengthen foundational skills, increasing student confidence. The focus of each plan motivates the student to master the skills necessary to achieve excellence in content areas through one-on-one and group tutoring.

Academic Tutoring

Core Reading and Writing Skills

CTC assesses students’ current abilities and builds on those to reach high proficiency in the English language.

We focus on core reading and writing skills for students to excel academically and improve their communications skills.

Primary School: reading comprehension, vocabulary, and spelling, grammar lessons.
Junior High School: literature reviews, book reports, expository writing.
High School: research/report writing, proofreading, essay writing, and literature comprehension.

ESL Tutoring

Improve Conversation, Vocabulary Skills, and Confidence

CTC’s ESL program is designed to help students develop good conversational English skills for formal and informal occasions.

The program emphasizes building oral and listening skills, use of everyday English, common phrases, and idioms.

Group and individual English conversational skills-building lessons are also included.

Classes also include vocabulary-building exercises that use a listen-and-repeat format to allow students to practice conversational skills on current topics.

Homework Support

Develop Independent Skills

In addition to academic assistance, we:
⦁ Reteach what the student didn’t understand in class
⦁ Teach the material to suit the student’s way of learning
⦁ Encourage Confidence
⦁ Teach learning strategies
⦁ Teach study skills
⦁ Teach organizational strategies

Our goal is to guide your child through their homework and help them become independent learners.

Homework support sharpens a child’s learning skills and offers extra guided practice time to help keep up and get ahead with homework and school performance.

Speak Like a Native

Conversational English

If you speak English fluently, don’t stop developing your language skills.

The pronunciation and social aspects of language use are hard to learn.

Improving pronunciation will lead to greater understanding and self-esteem in private and professional life.

Thus, learning a language in a broader context becomes a way to improve language skills and allows one to reflect on other aspects in life, such as career development, values, motivation, or the lack of it.

Students respond exceptionally well and are highly involved.